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Support your restful sleep with our Melatonin and CBN softgels.  Our CBD softgel adds CBN, a cannabinoid known for its sleep-promoting benefits and the power of melatonin to make the most well rounded product for your sleep needs.


Our nano technology softgels are able to be absorbed easily by the body because of this small molecule size.  They are easy to digest also as a water soluable version versus the traditional oil caps. 


Ingredients: Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract, Melatonin (Water Soluble), Polysorbate Emulsifiers, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Beta Caryophyllene, Roman Chamomile, Bovine-Derived Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Water.and Sulfur Dioxide. 

CBD Melatonin and CBN Formula 25mg Softgel

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