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  • What would lead someone to need a compounded item?
    Dose: We are able to get the exact dose that your provider writes for, not just what's available in the marketplace already. Small doses for animals and children are common. Route: if you can’t swallow capsules we can change it up to a liquid suspension or even make it into a topical cream or gel for some items. Instead of giving a generalized oral medication for pain we also compound topical creams and gels to get the medication right where it's needed most. Allergies: Since each dose is specifically made to you we can use only the fillers you are able to have...nothing extra needed since it is a small batch that’s just for you!
  • Can you bill insurance for my compound?
    Yes, our first step is trying to bill your insurance online. We get an immediate response from them and can give you options. If it rejected, we can work through those messages from the insurance at that time. If it's covered we can give you options for quantity and days supply dispensed. We always work out the pricing with you before making your batch regardless of who the payor is.
  • Are compounds normally covered by insurance?
    Each insurance company and policy are different with coverage. We are very familiar with navigating those claims, rejections, prior authorizations and pre-compound requirements in order to have the highest success using your insurance. Do not fret though if it's not covered, we often time find that by doing a 2-3 month supply it’s more cost effective than 2-3 monthly non-preferred copays!
  • Do you fill prescriptions and make compounds for animals?
    Yes! Animals come in many shapes and sizes and compounding for them is great! From a tiny animal that needs a very small dose all the way up to your llamas, we’ve got you covered. We work with your veterinarian and you to make medicine time enjoyable and easy!
  • How long does it take to make my compound?
    We aim to start communication with you the same day on NEW compounds if possible. We never start making your product though without hearing from you and discussing all options. For REFILLS we have a 1-3 day turn around based on quantity and complexity of your prescription.
  • Can I get a rush on my prescription?
    We understand life happens and will make every accommodation to get your prescription prepared safely and quickly for you. The big key is in communication to us when you send in your refill.
  • I am allergic to gluten, is that something you can handle?"
    YES, we can handle all allergies when brought to our attention. Common ones are gluten, latex, corn and gelatin.
  • What safety steps do you take when preparing my compound?
    We have a dedicated lab space that is removed from the pharmacy for making your compound. This allows our staff to pay full attention to your product and to be free of distractions such as the phone and other duties. Our compounding technician has specialty training and it is her responsibility to ensure our Standard Operating Procedures are followed without exception.
  • I am out of the Flathead Valley can you mail my compounded prescription?
    We offer complementary mailing of all compounded prescriptions within the state of Montana.
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